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    Since there are already a couple weather stations around me, I have built a personal weather station that only measures the wind and wind gusts because the temperature or pressure usually do not change significantly within a few kilometers at a sandy beach area.
    I can confirm that the data is uploaded but I cannot see my PWS in the windy map.

    Is there a minimum set of observation data, a pws has to upload to become visible?

    My station ID: f063be1a

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    After 24 hours, I can see my station. The second station came up within 30 min.

  • @jenca PWS has to upload at least one observation, which in your case is wind and wind gusts. It's hard to tell why it wasn't visible on the map, could be a slow internet connection. Now I can see both of your stations online :)

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    @jenca If you mean frequency, then you should send data in 5min intervals.

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