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    Update: 4th June 00:00 UTC

    TC Nisarga is now moving northeastwards towards Nashik and continues to weaken, the current sustainable winds are 75km/h (40 KT). Movement speed was 27 km/h (14 KT) in the last 6 hours.

    Dhule and Nandurbar districts may experience heavy rainfall and gusty winds.

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    Update: 3rd June 3:00 p.m. UTC

    Tropical cyclone Nisarga, the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane, battered western India with torrential rainfall and strong winds. It is also the first cyclone to strike the city of Mumbai in history.

    The landfall itself did not cause major damages, despite the winds speeds more than 100km/h (53 KT) as it reached the land.

    Moving further inland, cyclone lost its strength quickly and was downgraded to a deep depression. However the next few hours are still crucial.

    Cyclone is now moving at 25 km/h (14 KT) with position 19.6N 74.2E. east of Mumbai, maximum sustainable winds are 60 km/h, gusts 90km/h (48 KT). Expected movement in the next 12 hours is 21.0N 75.8E.

    Update: 3rd June 9:00 a.m. UTC

    Nisarga has made a landfall around noon local time near Maharastra’s Raigad district with stronger maximum sustainable winds than expected 140 km/h (75 KT) and gusts 166 km/h (90 KT).

    However the landfall is far from gone, it will take 3 hours to complete, the current position is 18.3N 73.3E, cyclone is located approximately 65 NM south of Mumbai.

    The cyclone will move gradually over the land, the next expected direction is 19.5N 74.5E towards Panvel, Maharastra. Winds speeds should weaken to 92 km/h (50 KT), gusts 120 km/h (65 KT).

    Update: 3rd June 5:00 a.m. UTC

    Cyclone Nisarga has been moving at 13 km/h (7 KT) in the past 6 hours and its position is 17.2N 72.1E, 130km south-southwest of Alibagh, town in Maharashtra’s Raigad district.

    The storm has intensified to maximum sustainable winds 110 km/h (59 KT) and gusts 120 km/h (64 KT).

    Predicted landfall is today between 12pm and 3pm IST just the south of Alibagh. Heavy rainfall is expected with a storm surge of about 1-2 metres height.

    This will affect low laying areas of Ratnagiri district mainly and Mumbai, which is on the path of the cyclone.

    Update: 2nd June 9:00 a.m. UTC

    A deep depression has intensified into a cyclonic storm in the Arabian Sea and is predicted to become a severe cyclonic storm named Nisarga in the next several hours. Storm has been moving at 11 km/h (5 KT) northwards in the past 6 hours.

    The current maximum sustainable winds are 70 km/h (37 KT) and gusts 90 km/h (48 KT) with a position LAT 16.0/LON 71.5.

    The strom could possibly bring a devastating winds of 110 km/h (59 KT) and gusting to 120 km/h (64 KT).

    The expected landfall is either on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning 3rd of June over Mumbai, north Maharashtra and Gujarat coasts.



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