• Hi!

    I work for Paragliding Map, and we'd like to use the Windy data for our forecasts.

    We require 3-day forecast data for 17.000 locations every 4 hours. Using the current API isn't practical, as we'd need to make too many requests. We've tried this with MeteoBlue a few years ago and it crashed their servers.

    Currently, we receive our forecasts in a single file for all 17.000 locations every 4 hours. We'd need something similar from Windy.

    We can also share information with Windy about where the different paragliding spots are worldwide. We understand, you currently get some of this information from Paragliding Earth, but we have much more detailed and up to date information from the official national sources. There are multiple possibilities to work together for our mutual benefit.

    Is a customized API possible? How much will this cost?

    Johanna - Paragliding Map

  • I'm interested too, I have a similar use case. If not possible would be possible to obtain some data for an area and not for a single point?

    Thanks in advance

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