• Hello,

    Congratulations for your site/application.
    Similarly to animation smoothing with satellite imagery, you could maybe study feasability of interpolating model outputs to create intermediate images. Probably an non-sense for weather analysis but nicer for visualization.
    All the best

  • I don't think displaying interpolated NWP forecasts on Windy maps would be a good idea...

    • Interpolating satellite images is performed for high frequency (10-15 minutes) observed values. There are small chances to get wrong results in practice: at such an image resolution and frequency, weather changes are small. Here, relatively simple mathematical tools are enough.
    • Interpolating forecast values computed for every 1h (or 3h for users who don't pay :o))), is really tricky in practice and should be only performed by forecast providers. Values are already computed with some error; interpolating them would get even bigger errors. Here, just mathematics is not enough. In 1 or 3 hours, weather changes a lot, thus using purely mathematical interpolation risk is to get nice animation from an artistic pov., but completely wrong from weather pov.
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