Got in big trouble from pressing the LIKE / THUMBS UP / VOTE button

  • Perhaps replace the any LIKE / THUMBS UP / VOTE / UNLIKE buttons here on
    this discussion board with the "full" six emotion buttons. Or make them
    simple anonymous tallies. Or both.

    (Else e.g., simply hitting the LIKE button because one cannot find the
    FUNNY button could lead to messages in their INBOX asking one to explain
    their actions!

    But then even hitting FUNNY if a post has a funny title, but isn't so
    funny deep down, could still lead to unhappy INBOX messages about one's
    click. So therefore perhaps fully ANONYMOUS SIX EMOTION like/unlike
    button replacements are called for.)

  • Hello @jidanni thank you for your suggestion :)

  • Sailor

    Yes, I have sent to you a PM after you have "liked" this topic: " This app is a lie!"
    So you want to "like" this kind of message anonymously ?
    I DO NOT support this idea.
    You use this app since Sept 2018, and posted about 70 messages here. How can you "like" such a crazy topic?
    If you did it by error, it’s just easy to click a second time on "Thumb up" to cancel your like. That's all.

  • @idefix37
    Don't bother replying.
    He is always trolling and making non-sense posts.

  • Sailor

    Yes I know this guy from a long time and I share what you say.

  • Moderator

    Bans can be issued again. Permanently if necessary.

    Trolls have no place at the Windy Community.

  • I got a message calling me stupid, for pressing a like button.

    OK now I know.

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