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    I can log in to my Windy account no problem via the weather app but trying to log in to my account via Windy Maps it wont let me. So thinking I need to register for a different app I go through the process to be told I have an account so log in.
    I then tried to go down the lost password route to be told my email does not exist on your database.
    So I'm here now doing this bug thing now but prior to this I agreed to a couple of requests regarding personal data use and then up popped a log in request with saved details I clicked and it logged me in?
    Very confusing indeed.any suggestions because when I go back out from here it's not going to let me log into Windy Maps

  • Hi @MrWindy-0 are you trying to sign in with your email or username? To Windy Maps you can log in only with your email.

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