Import .gpx file

  • Make it possible to import a .gpx file with lang points and/or tracks

  • Hi @TTC importing a .gpx file is. not available at this moment but we might consider this feature in the future.

  • Let's hope this is not unfair to Windy Maps who are offering already brilliant applications but it appears that the iPhone app structure is almost identical to another app under the name of Mapy on the site of I believe Mapy is working close together with Windy! This one can be used on a normal browser where you can plan a route, export the gpx track or simply synchronise on your account such as the route or track is made usable on your smartphone. This is working wonderfully being now my BEST routing application for biking, backpack, public transports. Really wonderful! Only drawback is the creation of your account where the translation to English was not perfect making it a bit tricky. Let's hope Windy Maps will update its iOS app with the features already available on Thank you Windy and Mapy for these great Aps!

  • @petra-pik said in Import .gpx file:

    ble at this moment but we might consider this feature in the future.

    This would be a wonderful implementation! Looking forward to see it :)

  • Your app is awesome, so easy to use and cristal clear but a having the possibility to import our own GPX or kmz tracks would really be appreciated!!
    Thanks a lot!

  • Administrator

    @MichelPlanchar Hello, thank you very much for the feedback. We plan to add this option in the future. :)

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