• Hi,
    Could you please explain how to read, compare the different colours corresponding to the map arrow's displayed to swell height please, swell 1, swell 2.

    Cheers Rod.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Are you talking about the colours of these arrows?


    There is NO meaning about them. Wind waves is blue, Swell is amber and Swell 2 green in every location. So if you are found of surf you identify first the amber arrow, but the other are important also to imagine the shape of waves.

    But if you are talking about to colours used in the table below the map, colours for Waves and Swell are ranging from "calm" to "very high waves" using intuitive colours that everyone understand : white - blue - amber - red.

  • @idefix37 Thanks for the info, I was unsure about the colour of the arrows, thinking that they were corresponding to the colour chart below, your explanation explains it, we are cruising sailors so it's important to get it right especially for some areas.

    Cheers Rod.

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