Find my location doesn't work properly in Chrome

  • Re: "Find my location"

    I have tried incognito mode, use GPS/IP, clearing the cookies and site data - doesn't matter. At the same time there is no error in the log.
    Though, works fine in other browsers: safari, firefox.
    I believe I saw this issue on my PC(win 10) as well, unfortunately it's far away from me right now so I don't have any proof.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Why don’t you use your location as start up location in Settings? You just need to set your location as favorite.


  • @idefix37 thanks for reply!
    I probably could, but it's a bit strange to set a new home location every time I travel. Especially having such a wonderful option in the menu ;)
    In other words: it's not an attempt to find a workaround, this is just a desire to make great tool work better.
    P.S. it's only Chrome(and probably on Mac only) issue.

  • Sailor Moderator

    I use Chrome with iMac and the "Start up location determined by IP" give me a position at 3km which is quite usual with IP.

  • @idefix37
    Well, on my side by default it shows even less real data: the direct location is 105 km away from me. After click on "Find my location" it shows me in 40 km away from my real location.
    I don't know why it's working on your side, maybe because of iMac, maybe because you set your home location and windy remembered it, but it doesn't work for me and for friend of mine, who is also using macbook, and who is 400 km away from me.

  • Hi @undelalune maybe this is happening because you have to allow your browser to determine your location (System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Location Services)

  • @petra-pik Thanks, of course it's enabled :)

  • Well, it looks like a Chrome's issue. I've tried to run the code you guys use in different browsers and I see the problem.

    navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition( e=> {
        console.log(`latitude= ${e.coords.latitude}\nlongitude= ${e.coords.longitude}`);

    If I run it in the console the Chrome shows me different results, unlike firefox and safari.
    I was confused because google maps shows correct location and I was wondering why, so I thought this is Windy's private issue. Then I have looked into the network tab (in google maps) and found there an interesting request - it seems that if your phone is synched with google and uses GPS then they request your location from your phone.
    Actually, this issue is reproducable on Windows as well and it's really strange that I was not able to find reported bug on that...

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