How can I track different fronts on the windy map.

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    I don't see how I can plug this feature in settings. It's key for us here in the northeast.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Fronts are not shown on Windy because they are plotted by meteorologists, but not directly by weather models.
    The main parameter used to draw fronts is the equivalent potential temperature which is not available on Windy. However you can make a rough but interesting estimation of fronts pattern using the temperature at 850hPa level. This works better in winter than in summer, because the temperature contrasts between tropical and polar origin air is sharper. It's easier with cold fronts, less with warm fronts and only subjective with occluded fronts. See some drawings
    You are in the northeast of where... I guess of USA :-)
    If fronts are really a key for you, it’s better to bookmark the fronts analysis from the NOAA

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