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    Dear Windy,

    Love the app. I would like to suggest the option of overlaying 500mb isolines to any map, or allowing the user to define a level, just like the wind display option. Thank you !

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    This is available, here with wind layer and isolines at 500hPa level, but they can overlay most maps.
    Adjust level and select More layers > Geopotential isolines
    Only Wind, Temperature, Humidity, Dew point are shown at this level, the other like Rain, Clouds, Pressure, Waves... are not modified, of course, by the altitude slider and cannot be overlaid by 500hPa isolines.

    Capture d’écran 2020-06-12 à 21.07.15.png
    With customized colors

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    @idefix37 Dear Windy,

    Thank you ! My next wish is to be able to display the most recent 500mb heights on the satellite loop. This graphic has tremendous impact for weather briefings.

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