For USA locations, allow "city, state" query

  • Right now, Windy expects "city, county" for US locations. In the US we usually identify a city by "city, state." And so when I enter "leavenworth, wa" Windy brings up Leavenworth, Kansas, when it should be Leavenworth, Washington. I can get the same Leavenworth by typing "Leavenworth, Chelan county" because Chelan is the county in Washington containing Leavenworth, but we usually do not use counties when identifying cities, it's almost always state. This would make Windy easier to use in the US, because I wouldn't have to remember the right county name for cities that have the same name in different counties.


  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    Perhaps a suggestion to help with this would be to add this preferred location to your Windy Favourites? Then you don't need to keep searching for it. That would then also sync across all of your Windy devices.

    Or for desktop use, another possibility is to add the specific forecast / layer / etc to your Browser Favourites using the url. That would also sync via your browser settings.

    Hope that helps :)

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