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    Hello, I ordered Windy Premium on 6/10/2020 through ApplePay. When I tried to use Windy on 6/14/20, my account didn't show as Premium and I was unable to get a confirmation email of the account. I assumed (obviously a mistake) that the original order did not go through so I reordered. The second time was through PayPal. The account now works. I would like a refund please for the first order on ApplePay. On the Apple website it allows me to cancel the subscription but not request a refund. Thanks for your help!

  • Hi @mparis495 Thank you for subscribing to Windy Premium :)
    Unfortunately, refund for Apple can be done only through their platform and you have to ask them for it.
    If you made the second subscription via desktop, we can help you with that. Just DM me a number of your order or your email.

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    Thank you for your response. I submitted a request through Apple and received notice that it will be refunded. It hasn't shown on my account yet but I'm sure it takes a couple of days. Thanks again. I'm looking forward to using Windy regularly.

  • Perfect, I'm sure it will be there in a couple of days :)

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