Southern Annular Mode (SAM), also known as the Antarctic Oscillation (AAO)

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    Hi Windy Team,

    I have a forecast item I'd like to suggest be add to the Windy toolkit.

    This would be for the southern hemisphere weather community obversely.

    I'd like to see the forecast tool for the Antarctic Oscillation (AAO), which is produced by NOAA.

    It would be great to see Windy's animation show the movement of the Antarctic Oscillation.

    I'd love to know if it's possible to add these forecast or am I just wishful thinking?

    LOVE WINDY! :)

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    The Antarctic Oscillation is a statistical index about the position of the Southern Annular Mode. According to this article, " the Southern Annular Mode (SAM) is defined as a belt of westerly winds or low pressure surrounding Antarctica which moves north or south... ". It seems to me that you can already see the position of this belt of westerly winds using the Wind layer of Windy at 500 hPa together with Geopotential heights:

    With customized colors

    And also the low pressure shown here in blue, together with Isobars:

    With customized colors

    Additional information about SAM for those who don’t live « down under ».:

    Concerning the AAO index, this a statistical index about the position of the SAM, shown as a graphic along several months or years. There are several of these types of index in different parts of the world such as MJO, IOD, ENSO, AO, NAO... and I don’t think that this kind of graphics are in the target of Windy.

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