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    I signed up for Windy hoping that you guys might be able to do the following tasks. I don’t think you’ve got it, am I correct?

    I tracked last weeks Grant fire NW of Mather field, it was a good dry run for possible fires that might occur in the GV/NC area. I'm signed into CAL FIREso that I can get a TEXT Message notification of all close fires in the state, even thou you may hear them on the radio (you can also sign up for CAL Firefree service). The TEXT Message has (in the Detail Tab) the Lat/Long of the fire's location. I take that Lat/Long information and drop it into the WIFIRE on-line program (previously mentioned in earlier emails), which will allow both your home and the fire's location to appear on the screen. Then by selecting the upper right 'hamburger' layering Icon (in WIFIRE) , you can check or select the Experimental/Weather Forecast. You will now see all the WINDs across CA added to the background along with your home and the fire. This is the quickest and easiest way I have found, after exploring for the last 2 months, whether and when I will pack up our trailer and get the hell out.
    Waiting for CodeRed system to make a decision and then notify me at a later time was not in my families best interest. I wanted to know ASAP when and where the fire is located and the Wind direction, and with these two simple tools (CAL Fire, WIFIRE) get that info. Hope this stirs your interest; if you have any questions, let me try to help.

    kind regards, vic

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    @vic-borgogno Dear user, if you are interested in fires, then we have a layer called Active fires. However this layer is designed for general overview of a large fire events, not for real-time monitoring, because false positive records can occur.

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