Weather station setup suggestions

  • Hi everyone, so I'm going to throw together a minimalist weather station rig, wondering if I could ask the expertise of the Windy community's weather station owners.

    I'm trying to do this minimally, no bells nor whistles, so that I can afford to do a few stations in different locations instead of blowing all my cash on one station. First question is, is it straightforward to have a stand alone station that isn't dependent on a building or wifi? I found some more expensive stations that can do 3G, but could I theoretically do it more cheaply by using something like a rasberry pi to connect to the cell/mobile network? Also, are solar powered stations common at the low end of the price scale? Or is battery more common? Or do I need a mains connection?

    I think I'm looking for bits and pieces, rather than a prebuilt rack. I don't need fancy humidity probes and things, mainly the anemometer really, to start. And a webcam would be cool. Any help or recommendations appreciated!

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    @johnckealy Hi John

    This is installed at our local airfield.

    I wrote a plugin: windy-plugin-iw.

    I see they have a few stations in France now. Powered by solar panels.

    Cost appears to be just over 400 Euro. (R7800) Perhaps more now.

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