• As a light aircraft pilot, weather is definitely a factor. Many thanks for the informations and help Windy brings.
    I however miss a feature : when planning a flight, it would in my opinion be interesting to have a general overview of weather in the next few days over an area. Most weather sites do this, showing sun, clouds, rain, storms, etc...
    For instance, next week, can I plan a few days to Germany or UK ? After this overview, I can make my decision and search for details, wind, cloud layers and so on.
    I would highly appreciate if you could show that.
    Kind regards,

  • What do you expect to get as a single "Wind" or "cloud" forecast values for a country like Russia, Germany or United States?

    You would rather need forecast values on each point (or each city) within such an area; they are already available on Windy maps, just click.

    There is not possible to get weather forecast for a whole country (excepting maybe for "point" countries like Vatican or San Marino :o))), as weather doesn't care about administrative areas and generally keeps coherent over small areas.

  • My request has probably been badly expressed, to bring about such a misunderstanding. Let's try this way : suppose I am on vacation for a few days and I plan to fly during these days - say to North Europe. I can of course check by clicking on every city from Geneva to Stockholm. Boring ! And by the time I get to Sweden, I will have forgotten what happens in Switzerland.
    What I wish instead is to have a general overview of the pictograms (what many sites do), not on a clickable city but on the whole map.
    Thus, I could decide to fly Monday to Germany and stay there until Wednesday, the time for weather to leave Sweden. Etc...
    You have the information for each city, show the information on the whole map.
    Is that clearer ?

  • Sailor Moderator

    There are many weather websites offering this kind of information, for Europe and for each country. Just one as example
    These forecasts are towns centered, when Windy is rather designed for outdoors activities. However it could be an idea for a new layer.

  • Administrator

    @f-prpm Hi, just a tip - you can also try Windy Route planner, where you can plan your route with several waypoints and it will show you what the weather will be like along your trip - https://www.windy.com/distance/

  • Thanks for the suggestions ; I dit try the route planner and it looks interesting.
    I do check also weatheronline for the purpose I'm asking. I was wondering if Windy could offer such a similar layer. Again, it seems to me that would be a very valuable feature for flight planning.

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