Terrain interfering with cloud viewing

  • windy_terrain.jpg
    Terrain in the base map makes it really hard to see the clouds in mountainous areas. Please add the option to turn terrain off or better still, to turn off the base map entirely, to get an unobscured view of the clouds.

  • Sailor Moderator

    It is difficult to distinguish ground and clouds when the ground is covered by snow. These satellite views in the visible spectrum are just a photography taken from the satellite. These are not "clouds above a base map". Do you know a camera which takes a shot of your friends with out any background? Of course it is possible to erase the background but not easy at all and not possible to turn off the terrain.

  • @idefix37 I understand it's not just clouds and there's ground showing though from under them, and it's fine. But there's also a base map overlay, where you have borders and terrain, and it's not part of the satellite image. You can confirm it by reloading the page (at a high zoom level), and the base map with borders, place names & terrain loads first, and then on top of it you get the satellite image. I'd like to be able to see just the satellite image without any overlays.

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