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    When looking at location forecast (including comparison) I expect to see not only forecasted temperatures but forecasted humidity as well.
    Everyone who lives in humid place knows that humidity is important as temperature if not more.

  • For my part I'd really like to be able to see cloud cover in percentage in meteograms, not just some pics with sun & clouds, which are not very informative. For us, precise info on cloud cover is very important for planning outdoor activities.

  • @mshahaf we have a Humidity layer
    @dariengap you can see cloud cover in percentage in layer Clouds

    I understand that you would like to have it in the forecast for a specific location but every user would like certain information in it and we cannot fit everything in there. Thank you for your understanding and suggestions :)

  • @petra-pik why not make it a bit larger to fit all the important meteo info? the meteogram doesn't have to be so small.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @petra-pik I agree. Love the app but it has some limited data display options. Is it possible to allow user to customize meteogram data incorporation? For example user could choose humidity and cloud cover % to be included. If size is an issue perhaps there can be a maximum of selected data sets. Or better yet, show as graph embedded with current temperature graph.

    I think this feature addition alone would make Windy the best app available.

  • @angbra This possibility is not available yet. As mentioned above, we will consider all your suggestions :)

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