Annoing map labels in poland or Czechoslovakia

  • Moderator

    Hey windy, why i have to read annoing map labels which reflect the pre world war 2 situation in europe. This are no german cities anymore!!2020-07-03 12_48_37-Window.png . Even if i set german language for the app..these are wrong labels!

  • Sailor Moderator

    These labels need probably to be updated in OSM.
    By the way, Czechoslovakia is no longer existing too ! 😁

  • Administrator

    @Tomber42 Hi, thank you for your feedback. We have similar issues in other languages. It is hard to say which label should be translated and which not. As Idefix said, we are using third party database (OSM) for the labels. Are Pilsen or Prag good for you? Would you also be satisfied with Plzeň or Praha? In our language we have translation Benátky for Venezia. Many czech people do not know what Venezia is. On the other side there are many problematic translations like Solnohrad for Salzburg. This translation is not used anymore and sounds very old-fashioned.

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