Recommended weather stations?

  • Hi,
    I'd like to invest in a personal weather station. There are not too many stations around where I live, and I'd like to contribute to the Windy community with data.
    Can you please suggest any "set it and forget it" type stations that wouldn't break the bank and are compatible with Windy?
    My budget is ~$300 (including shipping to EU).
    Any suggestions are welcome.

  • Some extra aspects:

    • I live in a valley of some sort (we have a 500m ridge to the south, and a relatively large river to the north, ~1000m away)
    • I can install stuff on my rooftop, including a pole if needed...
    • ...But I'm looking for a wireless device (ie. I don't want to put any wiring up there)
    • I'd like to have the "usual" package, ie. temperature, wind speed+direction, rainmeter
    • I need something that doesn't need too much maintenance. Once or twice a year it's OK to go to the roof, but preferably not more than that :)

  • Hi all,
    Still looking for some suggestions folks.
    Can you please help me out? I'm interested in firsthand experience with PWS units used with Windy.
    Please help :)

  • I can recommend you the HP3500B weather station by Ecowitt: here
    or HP3501 wireless weather station: here
    The advantage are separated sensors for all parameters. You can mount anemometer on the rooftop and temperature sensor in the different place 2 meters above the ground. I have one and by the CumulusMX I upload data to

    Here you have a review:

  • Thanks for the feedback!
    Do you have any experience with the batteries? I read in the manual that for HP3500B a regular set of AA alkaline batteries can last up to 2 years, but it depends :)
    As the station would be mounted on the roof, I somehow don't feel the urge to replace batteries more often than annually :)

    Bonus question: is there a PWS with solar-chargeable batteries?

  • @mark014 Thanks again.
    Just to bump my question again: how is the practical battery life in your unit (assuming you bought any of these Ecowitt units)?

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