Pretty new in the community , awesome app, a few questions!

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    Hey all! I was wondering a few things and I hope these questions haven't been answered already!

    1st. Is there a way to make the app open on the satellite showing the clouds instead of the winds?
    2nd. Is there a way to see the temperature with the humidex factor?

    Also, I have to tap on the widget to get an update, anyway I can tell it to auto-update?

    Thanks a million!

  • Hello @Starskins welcome to the Windy Community!

    1. Default layer is Wind layer and right now it cannot be changed
    2. We don't display it at the moment but considering it in the future :)

    Maybe you have restricted background refresh. Check this post what to do when the widget is not working correctly.

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    Thank you very much for the quick reply!

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