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    So I didn't realize I can talk to other folks on here and all.ive seen I haven't posted nothing because I didn't know. So how do I post things is the?
    ? I tried a few things but no luck . Probably me but some help would be greatly appreciated.i have lots of things to post about weather .Thanks for the help . Roy Lee Gilliard jr.

  • Hi @RLG-jr, welcome to Windy Community! Here you can ask or read about Windy and weather-related topics, report bugs, share your suggestions.

    To create a post, you just go to the relevant category and create a new topic as you did with your first post. You can also join a discussion if you see a post that interests you.

    Some of the most common questions and answers can be found here.

    To write an article, check this manual.

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    This post is deleted!
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