• Hello,
    is it allowed to have direct link on webcams list page instead to go to detail page with player and then to click on upper left link in player "Live stream"?
    I would compose dynamic link in webcams list page, like http://webcams.windy.com/webcams/stream/ID_of_the_webcam, where user can go directly on live stream. Will that be breaking "Terms of conditions"?
    Personaly, I think this new concept is huge user experience downgrade, compared how it was before. Before, if user click on "Livestream" then would really go to the live stream. Now if they click on "Live stream" they are redirected to the WIndy detail page for that webcam, and link for live stream is very discreet, bellow the thumbnails. It's not really user-friendly, I am developer and it takes 5-6 times for me to realize it's not some kind of error, because I expected live stream after click on the button in player. I am very, very disappointed.

  • It ends up that I have overreacted at the first moment, my apologize to the API team. Experience which I described above is happening if I use "ads block" option, or if I use Brave browser with ads blocker. If I try with regular Chrome or FF, everything is ok.

  • Hi @deckyfrombgd, we are glad everything works fine :)

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!
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