• Good day Sirs,
    Would like to ask how to "activate" saved route, once it is downloaded from the file I saved earlier. The thing is, when you create a new route, it is active and by moving pointer on the time bar, the position of the "boat" is moving with the time and speed you specify at the bottom.!Route.JPG
    However, when I load the saved route, there is no way to "activate" it again to be able to see the prognosis again and to move the "boat" with the speed you specified earlier, so basically you are able to see the route you saved earlier, but details are not active. Inactive Route.JPG
    Thus the question - is there a way to activate all the data once again, when the route is loaded from the saved file?

  • Sailor Moderator

    Hi Capt'n
    You are right, it is possible to upload a route but this one is not active in the Route planner unfortunately. Hope this lack will be improved.
    BTW I like your setting for wind. Could you give me the code?

  • Administrator

    @idefix37 You are right, it is not possible yet. But after adding speed settings, importing GPX/KML is now the most wanted feature. So maybe at some point :-) Anyway, @Captain_Morgun you can save the URL of set route, it will work later if you use the URL.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Thank you, that’s the solution until we can import KLM/GPX in the route planner as active route !

  • @marekd Appreciate your suggestion, indeed saving URL is working. Hopefully the feature would be added in the future.
    Your website is very helpful for us seamen as well, good job!

  • @idefix37 Thanks, it is pretty standard color code of many weather routing services. Please see the codes below:

  • Sailor Moderator

    Thank you so much. Your code is interesting and I like to compare it with my own settings: both are quite similar for the choice of colors up to 40 kt, but my setting steps are based on the Beaufort scale, without smoothing. Anyway, I consider both better than the default code.

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