Weather warning colors are not particularly useful when dealing with overlapping warnings/watches

  • I post this in the midst of a severe thunderstorm warning (edit: in the USA), and upon a first glance of the map, you can't tell, because all the severe thunderstorm watches and severe thunderstorm warnings issued by the National Weather Service are orange (both color pallets), so that you can't tell which is which. This is exacerbated on the threat level color pallette, due to heat warning persisting in much of the area. At best this makes it hard/impossible to guage the extent of warnings over a given geographic area, and at worst it degrades confidence in the app, because at first glance it doesn't look like the app actually reacts when a warning is issued.

    There does seem to be at least some measure of prioritization going on, since on the color pallette which colors according to type of danger the thunderstorm warnings cover the heat warnings, which cover the thunderstorm watches.

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