• Good evening and hello everybody

    This is my first post here. I have a question about access to data via your API.

    I have just set up a new Davis VP2 weather station here in the Scottish Highlands, and would like to connect it to one or two personal weather station networks. I was considering Weather Underground and PWS Weather, because they both give access to their respective APIs for forecast data; I would like to have such access in order to obtain forecast data for a weather station web page that I will create.

    However, I just discovered your web pages and app, which seem superb, and came across an old discussion thread “PWS use of data” in this forum. I can’t find any more recent indication as to whether or not an API access is available to PWS data submitters (apologies if I have failed to find something that is clear), so would like to ask if there is any such access to your forecast data (similar to what WU and the AerisWeather contributor plan provide)?

    Thanks & warm regards ....

  • Hello again

    Is there anybody who could answer this?

    (With apologies for being a bit impatient ....)

    Thanks ....

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