• The temperature display you have in the app is incorrect and inaccurate, specifically in the Faifa/Saudi Arabia regions where your difference is 6°C increase... My location is in the upper (Faifa mountains) and the weather is cold most of the time now appears on my mercury scale 21°C ... The app shows 27°C ... Please correct the temperatures. The application is great and
    helps me a lot and it only lacks simple improvements ...

    We wish you all the best

  • Meteorologist | Premium

    There are several elements to be taken into consideration :

    1. Windy proposes different models and depending of the model chosen, forecast can vary so parameters like temperature, speed of the wind, gusting,...can be different. Depending where you live, especially if orography can play a role like in the mountains, one model can be more appropriated or more accurate than the others.

    2. You have to make the difference between weather forecast coming from the models and the observed/current weather. Ideally weather forecast from the models should fit perfectly with the reality but practically, we all know it is not always the case and in many cases, there are differences between real weather and forecasted weather.

    3. Windy proposes weather forecast. If you want to see the current weather, and not the forecasted weather, you can check the satellite views proposed by Windy or you can select via Windy as well either a webcam or a weather station close to your location, if any. The interest of such a weather station, if any, is that you can easily compare your own measures at your location, in your case the temperature, with the temperature measured by this recognized weather station close to your location.

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