• Hi
    I needed to export a track from the Android version of windy maps. As there is no built in support this is how I managed export to gpx format. It is a little bit tricky and requires some computer skills.

    1. Copy the log file for the correct date from the mobile app to a computer running windows or linux. On my mobile the log files was found in the folder android/datacom.seznam.windymaps/files/logs
    2. Run the following UNIX commands from the command line on UNIX (or Windows with gnuwin32) installed.
      echo time,latitude,longitude >gps.csv
      grep -E "loc.*gps" TheLogFile.txt | cut -d; -f1,5,6 | cut -c2-8,28- | tr ";" "," | sort >>gps.csv
    3. The gps.csv file contains time, latitude and longitude in a comma separated file format.
    4. Convert the gps.csv file to gpx format with e.g. https://www.gpsvisualizer.com/convert_input. Note that the date will be todays date, not the track date.

    Note that this is what I used to export one track and no more testing has been done.

    Regards Jan

  • Administrator

    @Jrox Hello, exporting tracks is not available at the moment, but we will consider it for the future development.

  • Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the post! You saved me a lot of time. I've found a typo in point 2: [ cut -d; ] should be wrapped with ' ' as follows [ cut -d';' ] . All the rest worked fine.

    Best regards,

  • thanks!!! for tips&tricks...

    i made a small script in vbscript for win.. to convert direct in gpx...
    i hope for a future version of app with direct exportation in gpx..
    I think it's simple to add this futures..

  • Administrator

    @albertinim Hello, if you mean exporting tracks in Windy Maps, then this feature is on our to-do list. Meanwhile, you can still export tracks on Windy.com using the Route planner :)

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