Keyboard shortcuts

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    Press TAB or key F to open search window. Enter location or use up and down cursor keys to select the one from the list of suggestions

    alt text


    Use the left () and right () cursor keys to move forward or backward in the timeline.

    alt text


    Use up () down () cursor keys to switch between the weather layers.

    alt text


    Use Page Up and Page down keys to change the wind altitude.

    alt text

  • Meteorologist

    Thanks, Ivo.

    I did stumble across these shortcuts a little while ago and have found them very useful.

    Is it possible to add an additional keyboard shortcut that alternates between the available computer models?

    This would be super useful when making quick model comparisons of particular weather features.


  • Kiter

    I'd love to have +/-24h shortcuts (like CTRL+), and model change shortcuts.

  • @ivo
    Thank you!

    Btw, I think you have to change the wx radar symbol because is the same with preci. type symbol (an umbrella!).
    How do you like something like this? 0_1529308020739_ab7250bc-732f-40d3-85fa-940905920b36-εικόνα.png

  • On Twitter, "?" brings up a list of keyboard shortcuts. Saves a lot of bytes,

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