Clouds not displaying...for my account

  • Hi Everyone,

    I think I have a bug with my clouds display. After setting back to default it will not display, nor can I change it in the custom setting. Anyone else had this problem, anyone got a fix?

  • Sailor

    What have you set back to default? Is it the colour setting? In this case, of course, you must customize the colours again. Your previous setting is not stored in the cloud if you erased it. Keep somewhere a screenshot of your colour scale or of your code if you set them back to default.

  • I have reset the colour scheme back to default. But, it just shows me a screen in all one colour, I think RGB(128,128,128), no clouds at all. Have tried to customise, but the same thing happens does not display clouds. Have used this system many times and changed colours, this is something different. Recently logged off my account and clouds layer works fine. I think it is just associated with my account.

  • Sailor


    So no more problem now?

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