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    Aloha, first off we Love Windy! However, we’d like to request an small upgrade. I’m a tour operator and Captain on Maui, all of our Captain’s use Windy and it’s incredibly annoying to open Windy and have the default wind model revert back to ECMWF, when NAM is, by far, a more accurate model for us in Hawaii. We often have to make on the fly decisions about our running, or cancelling, our charters and depend upon Windy to make these decisions. While on the water it is very cumbersome for the Captain to open Windy and then have to change the model to “NAM” EVERY SINGLE TIME, while in the middle of a charter. Please update the software to add this as a default selection. There are hundreds of Captain’s on Maui that use Windy and I would expect thousands in the state, all of which would benefit greatly from this simple fix. Mahalo!

  • Hello @micah, for now, ECMWF is default model. Thank you for your suggestion, we might change it in the future.

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