My Windy map is not centering on my selected town

  • Hello everyone! Awesome app we've added it to our business homepage. Only problem we have is when webpage loads it's not centering in on our town. It centers on a completely different town. Could you guys please be so kind as to have a look and let me know if there's an issue on my end I can fix? Tom Pongrac

    webpage is
    town/location Torquay, VIC Australia

    incorrect location (currently displaying)

    correct location

  • Hi @thomaspongrac, you can set a 'Start-up location' in Menu > Settings to 'Use GPS', 'Determine by my IP', or location of your choice (after you marked it as a Favorite).
    You also have to allow the application to use the location of your phone. This can be set in your device settings.

  • Hi Petra. Thanks for your explanation. I added my town as a favourite successfully and told it to auto start-up at this location however it seems to only work on the homepage and not my embedded map on my own website? I have the map working good enough on my website however it doesn't display my town name 'Torquay'. For now I think I can live with it. Thanks :)

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