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  • Computer models, it would be a nice feature if you can add a dotted line for the alternative computer model when tracking a storm major storm so to better see the differences of the two major computer models.

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    @dongreen Hello, you can already find a 'Compare' feature in the forecast detail.

  • Already a compare feature? Can you say how? I know I can do a European and GFS separately but it would be nice if you could see them at the same, If that is already possible please advise Thanks

  • @Korina Ok I found the compare function from the posting

    This is nice but I would recommend adding a graphic display of the track as it is moving such as with the present hurricane heading toward Florida.

    Seeing both the European and GFS models displayed graphically at the same time would be a nice feature. One could be primary and the other secondary has shown as just a dotted line for the projected path. Thank for your time Don.

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    @dongreen Hello, thank you for the feedback, we will consider it. The compare feature is for a detailed forecast, to display predicted weather conditions from available models at one place.

  • @Korina I understand and will use in the future, I just feel having a graphical representation of the two main models at the same time would be of great value to many users. One as primary with complete data and the second just as a dotted line showing the center of the cone of uncertainty, where the second model is forecasting the direction. Presently you need to switch models each time to see and then remember the path of the other main mode. Thanks for all of the great work!


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