• I recently subscribed for Windy premium. Works nice both on desktop (Mac Safari) and mobile (iPhone SE1) and I can now see all the models in 1-hour steps. Great!

    The only thing not working in 1-hour steps is the "Basic" compare screen. Is that intentional or am I doing something wrong?

    Speaking about it....
    In my humble opinion the "Basic" compare screen would be way better if it were sorted not by forecast model but the parameter (similar to the "Wind" compare screen).
    That way you would get rid of many duplicate rows (5x the name of day & hour) and white space and get a much better picture of the weater at a quick glance at the next couple of hours/days.

    It would then be even better to display the data as a graph as already suggested here: https://community.windy.com/topic/11875/display-basic-forecast-in-graph-form

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Hello @justinlimbo, thank you for supporting us by subscribing to Windy Premium!

    The 1-hour forecast isn't available for 'Compare' due to technical issues.

    Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider it when developing future features.

  • | Premium

    Ok... It would be nice if we could watch 1-hour steps comparison, maybe in the future?

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