• So far I send my readings from Ecowitt weather station via CumulusMX but I need to have computer on all the time. I would like to configure uploading data from Ecowitt weather station to windy.com by Customized window in WS View or on my display console? Is it possible at all?

    In CumulusMX all I need to set is the API key, time interval between updates and UV measurements on/off.

    In turn, in WSView in Customized uploading I can choose Ecowitt protocol and enter the following data:
    Server IP/Hostname
    Station ID
    Station Key
    Upload Interval

    Would it be work if I filled this form in my app or on console using API key and info about windy paths?

  • Meteorologist

    "Customized" server upload on your console is not compatible with Windy protocol.

    If you don't want to have your computer running 24/7 to upload to Windy, then I recommend either investing in a Raspberry Pi which is very small (run headless), almost no power use, economical, quiet if you get the Flirc case, and very reliable. It can run Cumulus MX.

    If that doesn't suit you then you could also get a Meteobridge as that too is small, is quiet, reliable but it is a bit more costly, although it is very powerful.

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