• Hi, I fly a lot and loved Windy before. But in the last weeks Windy's predictions and even follow ups are totally wrong in HU region. What happened? A saw many times, lately today- Kecskemet was totally flooded by a major thundersotrm, but windy did not even predicted light rain!!!

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    Windy does not create any forecast data but instead only visualises forecast and actual data received from various third party providers.
    Windy therefore has NO control over the forecast or actual data provided.

    Thank you for your understanding :)

  • Well, I fully understand, than the data from 3rd party provider shall be checked I think, this ruins Windy's reputation.

  • Administrator

    @kordassanyi Hello, it also depends which model you use. Did you try to compare other models as well? It is important to try all the models to find out, which one is the best for a particular location. Nevertheless, predicting weather is not straightforward and errors may happen sometimes.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Thunderstorms are very difficult to predict locally. Have you been considering local rain forecast or on the whole map?
    There are also layers on Windy like Thunderstorms, Cape index and Weather warnings which are useful. Have you checked them?
    Then could you explain how Windy could check that data from provider will predict correctly the weather for next days ?!

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