Windy Hurricane wind predictions proved right on with Douglas moving on Hawaii July 2020

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    I've been using Windy as a gauge for all my fishing trips throughout Oahu. I found the sea conditions, wind, waves, wind waves and directions, weather, etc. to be priceless in planning and pretty much accurate. In fact all the data is crucial to know in our location. We have such a dynamic mixture of wind, current, wave height, swell direction and wave frequency that affects our fisheries, knowing every bit of information is crucial to knowing whether you go out, or stay home. The ocean is that dangerous here in the middle of the Pacific. Just ask the guys that didn't take precautions. Oh, you can't, they're gone.

    When Douglas was approaching in late July, I referred to Windy over all the news forecasts. I began sharing Windy's predictions using ECMWF Forecast Model rather then the news channels and began advising my clients for their hurricane preparedness. Of course when it was far off, we boarded up to be safe, with expected winds to be 120 mph and more. I kept updating every 4 to 6 hours, constantly texting my clients and family, live and predictive paths of the hurricane and the winds and gusts we should expect. Windy's models were so right on, it made the news channels look stupid, as they were scaring the crap out of everyone. My shared Windy hurricane forecast was absolutely spot on in every way, and the news channels who were reporting 24/7 were all reporting doom and gloom. I shared up to the minute wind advisories with clients and family and every bit of information was accurate. As the news channel represented 120 mph winds, there was less than 1/3 of that as predicted using Windy. On the southeastern end of the island, Windy's predicted 30 mph gusts were right on but the news channel had people bracing for 75 mph winds. It was basically a nice normal breeze in Hawaii, but the News channel had everyone buying out the plywood, water, emergency supplies and food. Costco and Home Depot were a madhouse. Generators were selling like hotcakes (no return)! I always said, nobody listens to Keoni, but now they do, thanks to

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