• Why is the default view so large? I live in Atlanta and by default the map is showing ~1000 miles in each direction. I really don't care what the weather in Cuba is.

    On my phone, I have to manually zoom in 3 or 4 times before it is relevant to me. This is very annoying. This should be a setting that you can configure at the least. Also, this would probably save your servers from sending a significant amount of data every time on startup.

    I just discovered the app and like it and hope this becomes my Dark Sky replacement but need some tweaks.

  • @keflex I was just thinking about the same thing. Like, just now! It shows too large map ...

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    @Jerneja @Jerneja Hello, thank you for your suggestion, we will think about it.
    If you have your Start-up location set to your home, once you open Windy, you can click on the top banner and expand detailed forecast.

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    @Korina I just signed up and this is one of the first things I noticed. I want the startup view to be zoomed into maybe a 200 mile radius around my location.

  • @Korina When I look at a weather map, it's 99% of the time because I want to see where rain, storms, snow etc are in relation to my current location. With the default view so zoomed out; that map is basically useless without zooming in several times.

    I'm fairly certain this applies to at least 80% of people using the app. Unless most of your users are pilots who are in the air flying several hundred miles.

    I think the default zoom level should be ~100 miles. Though this begs the question of why even show a map by default anyway. Most people just want the current conditions/forecast. It doesn't bother me that map shows at startup, but it should have pertinent data from the start.

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