EOSDIS Worldview integrate into Windy

  • Hi all,

    Just wonder if it is possible to integrate EOSDIS Worldview data into Windys 'Satellite' view.

    I really enjoy all the layers that EOSDIS has to offer but I would love to stay within the one weather service website.

    I have no idea with licence cost for EOSDIS either.

    Would this be something others would like to see?

    Looking forward to peoples feedbacks?

    Thank Windy team :)


  • Moderator


    That's a very interesting site, thanks for posting it.

    It seems to be open source(ish).

    Under the "i" icon I clicked the About tab which states the following:

    ***Imagery Use
    NASA supports an open data policy and we encourage publication of imagery from Worldview; when doing so for image captions, please cite it as "NASA Worldview " and also consider including a direct link to the imagery in Worldview to allow others to explore the imagery.

    For acknowledgment in scientific journals, please use: "We acknowledge the use of imagery from the NASA Worldview application (https://worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov), part of the NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS)."***



    This might be the API page here:


    If not for native Windy integration maybe someone could be interested in writing a Windy Plugin instead?

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