API access for Windy Premium?

  • Hi, I've grown to love Windy and have recently gotten into Home Automation. Unfortunatly, it doesn't seem possible to integrate Windy with platforms such as Home Assistant. I think this type of integration would provide a lot of value but it would have to be supported. The best approach I see is something like the following.

    Windy Premium subscribers get an access token that lets them retrieve information from 3-4 defined cordinates that can only be changed every 3-4 months and are limited to however many requests per day.

    This would allow Windy premium subscribers to integrate their Windy with other platforms/services that they use without providing them so much access as to devalue professional API access.


  • | Premium

    Exactly! I'd also love to use api for some home automations.

    Currently I have to use openweathermap, but their "current temperature" data is not so accurate in my case.

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