Missplaced "Riverside: Sierra - Mono Lake - View."

  • Missplaced Webcam titled "Riverside: Sierra - Mono Lake - View."

    Used "Edit" in Windy to change location on 9:54 AM 8/4/2020.
    It still shows it down in Norco California.

    has several webcams located at about 37.956342, -119.119362 (using decimal-degree longitude,-latitude format).

    One of them is missplaced on the Windy.com web site.

    Mono Lake is located about 300 miles to the north of Riverside California. The current Windy icon, Riverside: Sierra - Mono Lake - View, is located in Riverside County way down by Los Angelas.

    Missplaced Webcam "Riverside: Sierra - Mono Lake - View"
    Belongs about here: 37.967041, -119.120039 (using decimal,-degree [longitude,-latitude] format). It is located at the Mono Basion Visitor Center several miles down the road from the visitor center it town; where another webcam is located.

    ---so---> A possiable reasion people are misplacing the webcam is because Windy uses degrees,decimal,minutes and most Google Earth users use degree,decimal format. The Google Earth setting is located at "[Tools]/[Options]/[3D View]/ Show Lat/Long ."

    When cut and pasiting the "lat/lon" format from the windy url into Google Earth that is set for "degrees,decimal" you get an error. So I just deleted the last few numbers to get ride of the error and Google Earth showed the waypoint way down by Riverside County California, thus recreating how people are (possiably/maybe?) makeing the mistake of misplaceing webcam locations.

    Windy URL is:

    --> so using "decimal,-degree" format this one belongs at 37.956342, -119.119362

    --> using "degrees,decimal,minutes" it is at: 37° 58.025'N, 119° 7.202'W

    --> not sure about what the windy format in their url is -- hum?

    There is another webcam, from the same webcam owner in Lee Vining California. It is titled "Lee Vining: Mono Lake." This one is in town accross from the gas station in the correct location on Windy.

    Windy URL is:

  • Hi @joeyyuma thank you for your feedback on this and reporting it, I review the position and corrected it.

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