• Hi! Love the website and app,

    Is there any possibility to have an overlay with past rain accumulation over the last few days (in a similar vein to snow coverage I guess?). I've seen that you can use weather stations to find the observational forecast but these stations can often have vastly different precipitation than the hills and mountains behind them. and additionally there isn't an accumulation function (that I've found)
    For context, I am a canyoner, and rain accumulation prediction is incredibly important to the sport (for risk of flash floods). Equally important is the last few days of rain as this helps determined how saturated the ground/soil will be and thus how much the future rain will run off (and potentially cause flash flooding) rather than soak in to the soil.

    I've read a few posts that you don't keep historical/observational data so sorry if this falls into that category

  • Hello @nadav_vadan, indeed this falls into a category about historical data. We don't store them therefore we are not able to display it.

  • Hi @petra-pik, about this subject: could be possible show data from satellitte rainfall estimative? Only for the last 3/2/1 days.

  • @RoilanHV It is not possible right now but thank you for your suggestion, we will take it into account when developing future features.

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