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    Hello. I live in Turkey. I would have two questions.
    1-Does the ICON model or the ECMWF model give a better result for my region?
    2- For ECMWF model, instead of 9km, will 6-7km resolution come later?

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    @ergun_33 Hello, it depends on the location, ICON is a local model and ECMWF is global model.
    I would suggest to try both models and find out which one is the best by experience.

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    ECMWF is not a model, this is an institute making a model called IFS so comparaison is between IFS and ICON.
    @Korina is right that you should try and develop your own expertise with both models to understand when one model can be better than the other.
    Some tests and statistics trend to tell that IFS, in average, would be better than ICON but those tests and analyses are done for only a few parameters so what is the exact meaning for yourself and the data you want to use,...

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