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    Hi Windy.com,
    I am using the free version of windy.com with forecast at 3 hrs intervals, I am having difficulty interpreting the forecast rainfall. referring to the attached diagram, for 8:00 on Saturday 13th, how much rain per hours or per 3 hours does 0.9mm mean and does it mean 0.9 mm of rain between 8:00- 11:00hrs?

    Thank you!!


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    If you look your data for Saturday the 13th of August, you see 0.4mm at 5.00AM. This is the total of rain accumulation between 2.00AM and 5.00AM. Then you see 0.9mm at 8.00AM. This is the total of rain between 5.00AM and 8.00AM.

    If you go for Windy Premium, by splitting from 3h forecast to 1h forecast, you will see how the rain fall is spread by 1h in place of seeing the accumulation over 3h : for instance, you could have 0.2mm at 4.00AM and 0.2mm at 5.00AM as a potential example

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