Recalculating a route not working properly

  • Windy maps is a great navigator, very fast and accurate. But I have a couple of questions.
    When I have created a route and deviated from it, then for a long time the program wants me to return to the original route by various roads and does not calculate a completely new route from my current location. I have to delete the original route and create a new to get the best new route to my destination. - even if it is obious, that the new route is far better than the original.
    Another thing is, that the speed limitation icon shows the correct value only on major roads, not on minor roads in a city, where there is a general speed limitation on f. ex. 60 km/hour - in this case it often shows 80 km/hour.
    This last is of course a minor problem, I am more annoyed by the first problem mentioned.
    Søren Chr. Bøttger, DK.
    PS: my phone is a HuaWei P20 pro, and I am using latest version of Windy Maps from Google Play.
    PPS: I've sent this to hour emal-account also, difficult to find this error console.

    Søren Christian Bøttger
    Gunvorsvej 3
    7330 Brande
    Mobil: 22255240

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