Wind Arrows showing very incorrect directions - Rangiora, New Zealand

  • Wind Direction Arrows are showing incorrect direction - For Rangiora, New Zealand.

    Rangiora, North Canterbury in the Centre of the Canterbury Plains, New Zealand, has a problem for last 24 hours and continuing.

    Although the area map winds show Northwest the Wind Direction Arrows yeasterday showed as Southwest, then NorthEasterley.

    Today, in a warm Canterbury "Norwester" wind, the Rangiora Wind Dire4ction Arrows show NorthEasterly winds.

    I have checked various Locations: Christchurch City, Oxford, Amberley, Rolleston etc, and the Wind Direction Arrows for those Locations are indeed correct, just Rangiora for some reason is Not correct.

    I hope thjis is a temporary anomaly, or else is receiving Wind Direction Data from a location with a stuck weathervane.

  • Sailor Moderator

    What wind arrows are you meaning? Are they the animated particles which show the forecast winds or the arrows showing locally the observed wind?
    If you talk about the observed wind at Rangiora, click the arrow to get information about this weather station. You see that it is a personal weather station (pws) which is downtown. Some of this type of weather stations are not reliable specially for wind especially, in town.


  • Sorry, it was my first time to submit a Post here, this time I've uploaded the current Screengrab

    The Wind Direction Arrows are at bottom left of the screen...Marked as Win Dir.

    It's been highly inaccurate for the last two days. Screengrab 9.13pm NZST 30 Aug 2020.jpg

    I don't know how to advise the User of that Weather Station of the inaccurate Wind Dir arrows....


  • Sailor Moderator

    Don’t worry. The wind directions shown in Basic meteogram table are the same as the animated wind on the map: these are forecast winds by the selected weather model (ECMWF or GFS). These wind speeds and directions are NOT provided by a weather station.
    To see the observed wind by local weather station, you must select Reported wind. The last reported value is then shown on the map in a small bubble that you can click to get information about the WS.


    So no need to advise the owner of the Rangiora weather station, because the wind direction shown by this PWS may be correct and the model forecast could be from time to time locally wrong.

  • Thank you for your great advice ;-))


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