• Is there a way to see lightning forecast in the meteogram? I know I can type in a location and click 'Thunderstorms' in the sidebar, but if I choose a place in my favourites, I have to close the meteogram first and then go to sidebar and choose 'Thunderstorms' from the menu but then I lose the location and have to type it in again in the search bar.

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    You don’t have to select again your location. You can easily open again de meteogram, after checking the map, by just clicking on the location picker you opened previously when you checked first the meteogram before moving to the map

  • Thank you for your answer, but I am not sure you get what I am trying to do - or maybe I don't understand you. I don't want the meteogram because it doesn't have lightning forecast. I have to close meteogram and go to the sidebar menu and choose 'Thunderstorms'. When I do that, automatically the place I chose in my favourites is lost. There is no drop pin or circles to indicate that I am looking at a certain location.

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    @rainbowsunshine Hello, if you click on your favorite and expand the detailed forecast, then you can choose the Thunderstorms layer without loosing your favorite. The favorite will still be visible on the map.

  • @Korina hello, thank you for your reply. Apologies, I should have clarified at the beginning that I was talking about the app. I can do that on my Mac but not the iPhone app (I have the latest version). On the app I'm not able to open meteogram and layering menus at the same time. I guess I am not able to pinpoint a certain location and get lightning forecast for that place alone, I have to look at the map in its entirety. Just trying to get a hang of this amazing app.

    Is there a tutorial / glossary that gives an overview of all the different functions? Also, is it possible to keep weather picker visible all the time (I have to right click to make it show every time, for the same location)?

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    @rainbowsunshine Hello, I get what you mean. But your favorites are displayed on the map at all times if you have overlay "My favorites" overlay turned on. This way, you can choose Thunderstorm layer and click on your favorite on the map.

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