MADIS station F8148 wrong location displayed

  • Hi, uploading to Windy via CWOP/MADIS but my location is not correct, is it possible to update this?

    this is correct :

    but not in Windy :

    thanks for your help

  • no reply :(

    AM i in the correct section?

  • Meteorologist

    @stef942 CWOP location errors come are usually one of two possible issues.

    1 - Your registration is wrong. To fix this you send and email to cwopp-support at

    2 - You have entered in the wrong latitude / longitude into your weather software that uploads to CWOP. This is the most common error and it usually has to do with people not understanding how to properly enter in latitude and longitude in the correct format for their software. Every software can potentially ask for this information in different formats. There is Degree Minutes format, then there Degrees Minutes and Seconds format, and there this Degree Minutes and decimal minutes format. You should use an online converter calculator to convert between the different formats to get your location dialed in correctly. Here is a good website to convert between the different formats:

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