• Is there anyway to correct the position of the startup location in the IOS app? I have one favorite set my hometown of Petal, MS, however both the app and widget always place me in Harvey, Petal which is strange since it’s showing Harvey within Petal on the map, but when I input my town it’s showing the location of Petal outside the town of Petal itself, more like the outskirts of Petal. The widget won’t even display Petal it shows Harvey. Sad thing is I’ve lived here for over twenty yrs and I don’t even know where Harvey is let alone care to see the weather of a town I don’t live in. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance. - James

  • @JRoGueDZYN - EDIT: Ok, so I found out Petal use to be called Harvey many, many years ago like somewhere around 100 give or take, but it’s no longer called or even mentioned as Harvey anymore.

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